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Nm-01 thermoelectric resistance automatic verification system. Nm-03 water three-phase point bottle automatic freezing system. Nm-04 secondary instrument verification system Nm-05c temperature and humidity uniformity test system
Nm-rtshts M series portable thermostat Nm-rts series cryogenic thermostat Nm-jdl600 one-piece thermocouple calibration furnace Nm-hws03 temperature and humidity check box
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       Tai’an City neimon electronic technology co., LTD. Is a manufacturer integrating r&d, design, production and sales, specializing in the production of thermocouple thermal resistance and thermometer calibration instrument. The company is located at the foot of the world-famous taishan, the north yiquan city jinan, the south of the town of Confucius and mencius - qufu, the location is superior, convenient transportation。
       Company through continuous innovation, is now the main products are thermocouple/heat resistance furnace automatic verification system and group control and supporting equipment,
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